Dr. R. Sankarananthan

Medical Consultant
Intraocular Lens & Cataract Services
Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai

Dr. Sankarananthan graduated in medicine from Rajah Muthaiya Medical College, Chidambaram, MS from Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai

He started his career as Chief Medical Officer at Aravind Eye Hospital, Udumalpet to develop and manage day-today operations of the system.  He conducted 50 School Screening Outreach eye camps in Udumalpet during his tenure. He trained several International and National Ophthalmologists in Phaco and SICS surgical procedures.  Currently he is the In-Charge of Training International Trainees in IOL Surgery and also a Medical Officer Of Community Outreach Service of Aravind, Madurai. He has presented several papers and videos in conferences.

  1. Dr. Sankarananthan is a high volume cataract surgeon.  Performing 1300 Surgeries Each Year (600 Phaco Surgeries And 750 SICS Surgeries)
  2. Ensuring availability of clinical manpower in the outpatient departments
  3. Working with all stake holders in the respective branches to ensure harmony in work