Dr. P. Vijayalakshmi

Chief, Vision Rehabilitation Centre
Senior Medical Consultant, Paediatric Ophthalmology & Adult Strabismus Services
Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai

Dr. P. Vijayalakshmi is the Chief Medical Consultant of Paediatric Ophthalmology & Adult Strabismus clinic and also Chief of Vision Rehabilitation Centre at Madurai.

Dr. Vijayalakshmi graduated in medicine, DO and MS in Ophthalmology from Madurai Medical College. She is one of the founder members of Aravind Eye Care System and she is the First Resident Medical Officer of Aravind Eye Hospital.  

After 6 years of continuing her carrier as a General Ophthalmologist, for the first time in the country, she started a separate full-fledged Department of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus in the year 1984 after her training at Eye and Ear infirmary in Chicago and also contributed significantly in WHO, PAHO and IAPB meetings on various childhood blindness programmes.

She got involved deeply in making the sub speciality as an interesting career to the young ophthalmologists throughout the country and developing world by imparting training in the field.   Realising the need for special paramedics in the field; started a course in Orthoptics which still runs successfully. She trained several ophthalmologists (fellowships) including international candidates, anaesthesiologists, orthoptists and allied personnel. Thus she had been instrumental in either setting up new facilities or strengthening the existing ones in more than 50 places around the world in collaboration with various NGOs.

Dr. Vijayalakshmi has passion on conducting both clinical and molecular research on various contributing factors to childhood vision impairment including inherited eye disorders.  To cite an example, she was the first ophthalmologist to conduct a population based surveillance and research on Congenital Rubella Syndrome resulting in atleast 10 publications on the subject which led her to be recognised as one of the member in the core advisory group to develop the roadmap for establishment and initiation of Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) surveillance in the country, under ICMR division of Epidemiology and communicable diseases. She has also been recognised as one of the three member team towards developing a screening tool under RBSK, for all disabilities in 0 to 6 years old for the country.

On the academics side, she involved actively on doing research in ROP, Paediatric cataract, Vision impairment in infancy, Molecular genetics on inherited eye diseases. As a result, she published several articles in the peer review journals with more than 1100 citations.  She authored chapters for 6 books apart from developing a practical guide for paediatricians, Orthoptists, in standardising the teaching curriculum for fellowship programmes, in developing the Best practices in Paediatric Ophthalmology. The following are the list of papers published by her:

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Dr. P. Vijayalakshmi has been recognised by getting many awards like Dr. Joseph Gnanadickam Oration Award, Dr. K. Subramanian Oration Award, Dr. D. Sundareswaran Endowment Oration award, Ishwar Chandra Oration medal.