Dr. Manju R Pillai

Medical Consultant, Glaucoma Services
Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai

Dr. Manju graduated in medicine from PSG Medical College, Coimbatore, DO and DNB from Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai.  She has been actively involved in patient care, training and teaching of Post Graduates and Ophthalmologists in the specialty of Glaucoma.  She has been an invited faculty at the TNOA and Glaucoma Society of India.

Peer-Reviewed Journals:

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Non Peer-Reviewed Journals:

  1. Prasanth; Manju Pillai, R and Krishnadas, R. Orbital Vascular Malformation and Ipsilateral Glaucoma.TNOA. 1999;40:41-43.
  2. Manju Pillai, R; Sapna, Sinha and Krishnadas, R. Childhood Glaucoma – Current Update. J Ophthalmic Sci Res. 2017;37:33-42.

Book chapters:

  1. Pigmentary Glaucoma & Ocular Hypertension in “Text Book of Glaucoma”– authored by Dr Ramakrishnan
  2. Complications of Trabeculectomy in “GSI GUIDE LINES 2012 – 2013”
  3. Physiology of Aqueous & Mechanism of IOP reduction in “Text book of Physiology—Aravind Eye Hospital”
  4. AIOS Scientific Committee Served as a member in the expert panel group for 1 year from FEB 2013—JAN 2014.

Research Work:

  1. Co – Investigator for the INGOTT STUDY (2004 – 06)
  2. Principal Investigator – Travatan drug trial, 2007
  3. Principal Investigator – Health Literacy and Barriers to Follow – up after Initial Diagnosis of Glaucoma in South Indian Population study (2007 -2009)
  4. Intra observer &Inter observer variability in CCT
  5. Correlating CCT withRNFL in OCT in POAG cases.
  6. Naso Lacrimal duct patency after use of anti glaucoma drugs a prospective study
  7. Principal Investigator – Brinzbrim trial in 2012
  8. Principal Investigator – (Ongoing trial) on surface energy of AADI and its cell adhesion properities
  9. Principal Investigator – (Ongoing trial) on evaluation in VEGF in Tenon.s and Anterior Chamber in glaucoma patients
  10. Principal Investigator – (Ongoing trial) on Audio visual counseling study in Glaucoma patients and its effect on follow up
  11. Principal Investigator – Focused Group Discussion – On Adherence to Glaucoma treatment and Follow up
  12. Principal investigator—MMC—modes of administration—injection versussponge application.
  13. Principal investigator—comparison of outcome of trabeculectomy in patients with and without  diabetes
  14. Principal investigator—care giver’s and patient’s response in childhood glaucoma
  15. Principal investigator use of pupillometry in glaucoma
  16. Principal investigator== correlation of RIAG with early Glaucoma.