Dear Colleague,

The three day Continuing Education Program offers an immersive experience designed to update one of the current trends in surgical management of glaucoma.  The sessions are designed to meet the expectation of ophthalmic surgeons, glaucoma specialists, residents and fellows seeking to understand the current role of trabeculectomy, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, non-penetrating glaucoma surgeries, and tube implants in glaucoma treatment armamentarium.  There is immense opportunity to delve into the intricacies of glaucoma surgical techniques by a combination of video assisted lecture sessions, wet lab hands on practice and interactive discussions.  Faculty, drawn from an array of different institutions and practices from across India would share their knowledge, tips, tricks in guiding the participants in tackling the patients in their clinical practice with varied mix of complexity and severity of glaucoma.

The surgical symposium of Glaucoma is also preceded by an update session on molecular genetics in ophthalmology with several experts, both national and international, congregated to share their knowledge on clinical genetics of some of the mere common intended diseases of the eye.

We would like to invite you to join us to participate in this enlightening journey to apprise us of the recent knowledge & skills on clinical ophthalmic genetics and glaucoma surgery, in a place none other than claimed to be the Athens of East, and one of the most ancient cities known to mankind.

Madurai, the city known for its varied culture, heritage of the famed Tamil Sangam age, beckons you

Dr. S. R. Krishnadas
Organizing Chairman

Dr. Manju R Pillai
Organising Secretary


  • Managing refractory glaucoma
  • Continuing relevance of Trabeculectomy & Glaucoma Drainage Devices(GDD)
  • Potential role of minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries
  • Potential role of Non Penetrating Deep Sclerectomy(NPDS)
  • Wetlab training practices- Trabeculectomy, GGD, NPDS & MIGS

Molecular Genetics CME

  • Understanding genetics of glaucoma & ophthalmic diseases
  • Potential applications of genetic research in glaucoma
  • Emerging gene therapy in eye diseases
  • Counselling in genetic eye diseases

International Faculty

Dr. Liza Sharmini Ahmad Tajudin
Dr. Arif O Khan

National Faculty

Dr. Aparna Rao
Dr. Murali Ariga
Dr. Parivadhini
Dr. Sathyan Parthasarathy
Dr. Shantha B
Dr. Sirisha Senthil
Dr. Suneeta Dubey
Dr. Viney Gupta
Dr. Anil K Mandal

Aravind Faculty

Dr. Aarthy
Dr. Ann Mary Mathews
Dr. Deeba Ishrath
Dr. Devendra Maheswari
Dr. Ganesh V Raman
Dr. George Varghese Puthuran
Dr. Indira Durai
Dr. Kasthuri Bai
Dr. Kavitha S
Dr. Keerthi Gayam
Dr. Krishnadas R.
Dr. Madhavi
Dr. Madhuri
Dr. Maheswari Peetham
Dr. Manju R Pillai
Dr. Menaka
Dr. Mohideen Kadhar
Dr. Mrunali Mohan
Dr. Nimritha
Dr. Nishita Pillai
Dr. Neenu Mariam George
Dr. Neethu Mohan
Dr. Niranjana Balasubramaniam
Dr. Prasanna
Dr. Premanand Chandran
Dr. Ramakrishnan R
Dr. Sharmila R.
Dr. Sreenath
Dr. Swati Upadhyaya
Dr. Venkatesh R
Dr. Vidya Raja
Dr. Vijayalakshmi A.
Dr. Vijayalakshmi P.
Dr. Vishwaraj

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Registration fee (inclusive of 18% GST and the TNMC Registration fee)

Category Registration Fee (Amount in INR)
Delegate Rs. 1500/-
Postgraduate Students / Fellows Rs.750/-


Category (Wet lab/Dry Lab session) Registration Fee (Amount in INR)
Trabeculectomy Rs. 2000/-
AADI Rs. 2000/-
NPDS Rs. 2000/-
MIGS Rs. 2000/-

Registration Information

  • AT TENSION 2024 – Registration fee includes CME participation, TNMC credit hours and 18% GST
  • The applicant also can register for Wetlab / drylab hands on session with additional fee structure
  • While registering for Wetlab / drylab hands on session, it is mandatory to choose either one or two of the options provided (Trabeculectomy, AADI, MIGS & NPDS)
  •  Each of the above types of wetlab / drylab, the registration is limited only upto 20
  • Registration fee of Rs. 2000/- is applicable for each wetlab / dry lab session
  • No provision given to register only Wetlab / drylab hands on session
Dr. Manju R Pillai
Organizing Secretary

Note :

  • The participants are requested to directly contact the hotels for accommodation bookings.
  • Room tariffs are subject to change at the discretion of each individual hotel.
  • Taxes are applicable to the room tariffs.
S.No Name Contact Number Amount in INR
(Code : 0452) A/C Non – A/C Suite Room
Single Double Single Double
1 Annapoorna Towers * 4514436 1,100                 1,400 900 NA
2 Rajeswari * 2528882 1,027                 1,473 625 848 NA
3 Germanus ** 4356999 4,200                 4,500 NA NA 7500
4 Courtyard *** 4244555 NA                 8,999 NA NA 14,499
5 Heritage ** 2385455  8,000                 8,500 NA NA                     8,500
6 JC Residency *** 4200399 3,300 3,800 NA NA 8,400
7 Metropole *** 4222222 NA                 2,060 NA NA                     3,800
8 North Gate *** 2523030 NA                 2,688 NA NA                     3,920
9 Rio Grand Residency *** 7708006893 2,000                 2,300 NA NA NA

*      Close to the venue (walkable distance)
**    More than 5 km from the conference venue
***  Within 5 km of the conference venue