This symposium aims to understand the role of genetics in eye diseases and vision disorders. This event brings together researchers, clinicians, and other stakeholders to share knowledge, discuss advancements, and explore the future of eye care through the lens of genetics.

Key Themes:

  • Diagnosis: Identifying genetic markers associated with various eye conditions can lead to earlier and more accurate diagnoses, improving patient outcomes. This symposium showcases new genetic testing technologies and their applications.
  • Treatment: Gene therapy, a rapidly evolving field, holds immense potential for treating inherited eye diseases. This symposium discusses ongoing clinical trials and emerging gene therapy techniques.
  • Personalized Medicine: Understanding individual genetic profiles allows for tailoring treatments to each patient’s specific needs. This symposium explores the ethical and practical considerations of implementing personalized medicine in ophthalmology.
  • Counseling and Prevention: Genetic testing can reveal an individual’s risk of developing eye diseases. This symposium addresses the ethical and psychological challenges of genetic counseling and explores strategies for preventing inherited eye conditions.

Molecular Genetics CME

  • Understanding genetics of glaucoma & ophthalmic diseases
  • Potential applications of genetic research in glaucoma
  • Emerging gene therapy in eye diseases
  • Counselling in genetic eye diseases

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Registration Fee:

Category Registration Fee (Amount in INR)
Medical Consultants / Scientists Rs. 1000/-
Students (Ophthalmology / Ph.D. Scholars) Rs.500/-

(inclusive of 18% GST and the TNMC Registration fee)

Dr. Manju R Pillai
Organizing Secretary

Note :

  • The participants are requested to directly contact the hotels for accommodation bookings.
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  • Taxes are applicable to the room tariffs.
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1 Annapoorna Towers * 4514436 1,100                 1,400 900 NA
2 Rajeswari * 2528882 1,027                 1,473 625 848 NA
3 Germanus ** 4356999 4,200                 4,500 NA NA 7500
4 Courtyard *** 4244555 NA                 8,999 NA NA 14,499
5 Heritage ** 2385455  8,000                 8,500 NA NA                     8,500
6 JC Residency *** 4200399 3,300 3,800 NA NA 8,400
7 Metropole *** 4222222 NA                 2,060 NA NA                     3,800
8 North Gate *** 2523030 NA                 2,688 NA NA                     3,920
9 Rio Grand Residency *** 7708006893 2,000                 2,300 NA NA NA

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***  Within 5 km of the conference venue