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Aravind Eye Care System is happy to Offer its Eye Notes for

  1. Vision Centre Management System
  2. Integrated Hospital Management System
  3. Electronic Medical Record
Eye Notes
  • Aravind’s EMR – “Eyenotes” offered to External Clients  would be exact same as the application running in all Locations at Aravind
  • Aravind’s Model of Work covers all sub-specialties and all levels of Work (Tertiary to Primary,Free and Paying Etc) -Hence should meet the need of all Eye hospitals
  • All changes or Enhancements will be First Deployed at Aravind to ensure that they work fine before releasing to others .
  • Given the volume of over 15,000 Out patients and 1,500 Surgeries a Day ,in Multi location, Aravind is likely to encounter Most of the Challenges first and continually addressing them, so it is likely that eyenotes will always be ahead of challenges ,Others are likely to face .Such enhancements will go beyond the EMR Software with overall aim of “Business continuity”
Hospital Patient Care Areas

Eye Notes IHMS Modules

Scheduling /Appointment




Surgery Scheduling


Eye Notes EMR Modules

General &Specialty Outpatients


Treatment /surgery Procedures

Patients flow

Clinical coordination

Internal Communication Layer

Appointment Management - Eye Notes IHMS
Patient Registration in Eye Notes IHMS
Patient Billing Eye Notes IHMS
Eye Notes EMR
  • Role based access and screens
  • Customizable clinical flow
  • Interfaces for enabling Patient Centric Care
  • Efficient Data entry –Minimizing Data entry Requirement
  • Ease of Drawing Images
  • Quality and Patient Safety
  • Check lists, Alerts (Rule Engine) and Controls the errors
  • Ease of generation of Prescription
  • Consistent Billing with secure rate master
  • Traceability of changes
  • OAuth /LDAP Based Authentication for Enhanced Security
  • Corporate Payments Tracking
  • Referral Patient Tracking
  1. SMS – Possible to Integrate for Sending SMS Alerts for Appointment, Surgery Scheduling and Follow ups.
  2. Email- Possible to integrate for Sending Email alerts for Patients.
  3. Tally –Integrate With Tally Accounting software  for Bills Raised and Payments Received from Patients.
  4. Payment Gateway Integration – Can be integrated with Banks and other Payment Gateways to Support other form of Payments like UPI (Google Pay, Phonepe), Credit and Debit Cards.
Eye Notes Deployment Options

Cloud Hosted: The application will be hosted in the Cloud. All Data Generated will also be stored in Cloud.  This will eliminate server, Associated Licenses and HR Costs.   The cloud Provider’s Security will cover the Application and Data .Cloud back-up will be done. Currently this is hosted in Google cloud Platform.  This has a Recurring Cloud Usage cost .Local Data Mirroring (as a Backup) can be done.  On premises (Local server Deployment): Application will Be deployed in client’s Local Server  or in their Cloud .

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