October Summit is the annual series of workshops and consultations held in honour of the birth anniversary of our founder, Dr.G.Venkataswamy.  These events are held to deliberate the real issues relating to effective eye care programmes and services and to find innovative solutions through sharing experiences and mutual consultation.

Background of this workshop

We all understand that eye care is a rapidly growing sector. Advancement in science and technology and the ever-increasing expectations of patients have brought in innumerable opportunities to improve care delivery and stay relevant. On the other side there are numerous operational challenges, we as ‘care providers’ face on a regular basis, which are solved either based on previous experience or ideas from top management or frontline staff but seldom use a scientific approach. There are many scientific methods readily available, to foster improvements and operational challenges in our own settings. These methods will help hospital teams to employ systematic, data-guided activities designed to bring about immediate improvement at system level to enhance quality, growth and value of the care provided.


The consultation would deliberate on the following:

  • Understanding improvements and how this can be relevant in the context of eye care delivery
  • Methodologies and tools that teams can adopt to foster improvements
  • Building a culture of learning within the organization to channelize energy for improvements

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Update Soon

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