Annual Conference of Vitreo Retina Society of India

Lucknow, December 5-8

Dr. Kim

  • Co-chair for The Buckle symposium
  • Co-chair for The top 7 lessons learnt in DME management
  • Basic steps of scleral buckling : Getting it right

Dr. Karthik Kumar

  • Surgical drainage of choroidal effusion using trochar with cannula-An effective and easy way
  • Wetlab- EYESI simulator

Dr. Renu P Rajan

  • Quantification of relative afferent pupillary defect (RAPD) by automated pupillometer and its relationship with AMD dimensions and visual acuity
  • Hyper -imaging by “OC(T)ean’s Twelve”  – focal choroidal excavation

Dr. Jayant

  • Comparision of non-mydriatic ultra wide field fundus images by OPTOS and CLARUS and its association with pupillary size and reaction

Dr. Piyush

  • Comparison of various  surgical techniques  for optic disc pit maculopathy

Dr. Aditya Maitray

  • Endogenous serum cortisol levels and anxiety assessment in patients with polypoidal choroidal vasuculopathy(PCV): A new insight into pathogenesis

Dr. Chitaranjan

  • Incidence and outcomes of endophthalmitis with prefilled intravitreal bevacizumab injections: a multicentric prospective study

Dr. Soumya Jena

  • Comparison of outcomes of PPV in Rhematogenous retinal detachment cases using 3D visualization  system versus analog microscope

Dr. Anirban

  • Subthreshold micropulse yellow laser and eplerenone drug therapy in chronic central serous chorioretinopathy patients:A comparative study

Dr. Sourav

  • Indigenous low cost heads up vitrectomy simulator

Dr. Naresh Babu

  • Getting out of jail” -Managing surgical complications / complicated situations
  • Moderator for Advanced VR surgery Part 2
  • Optic disc pit -maculopathy -management methods

Dr. Vignesh T.P

  • Hyper -imaging by “OC(T)ean’s twelve” : Multilayered PED

60th Annual Meeting of the Ophthalmological Society of Taiwan

December 13-15

Dr. Haripriya Aravind

  • Tips and tricks to apply on a patient with a hard lens or white cataract
  • Sharpen surgical skills: Managing posterior polar cataracts and subluxated lenses
  • Managing challenging cases with advanced phaco technology

IAPB South East Asia Eye Health Experts meeting

Kathmandu, Nepal, December 9-12

Mr. Thulasiraj Ravilla, Executive Director-LAICO attended the meeting and shared inputs.

Keracon – Annual Conference of Cornea Society of India

Kumarakaom, December 13-15

Dr. Josephine Christy

  • First prize in photo contest titled “Ripple Effect Warpage”
  • Talk on Donor characteristics and tissue utilization in tertiary eye bank.
  • Wed lab trainer for DMEK skill transfer course

Dr. Kunal

  • Video: Anxiery- A Silent battle
  • Poster: Rare case of scytalidium keratitis

Dr. Naveen

  • Invited speaker: Literature review in aqueous deficiency dry eye.
  • E- poster: Recycled Intralase patient interface for DMEK wet lab training
  • E-Poster: Comparison of donor characteristics of corneas collected through hospital corneal retrieval program and voluntary eye donation
  • Coordinator of the session: Dry eye – ATD
  • Photo contest: Drug deposit on endothelium
  • Photo contest: Archipelago of epithelium

Dr. Sikha Misra

  • Paper presentation: Fungal load analysis on repeat scrapping of fungal keratitis patients treated with topical natamycin vs topical natamycin + voriconazole
  • E -poster: Posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy – a tertiary centre case series report.