All India Ophthalmic Conference 2020

Gurugram, Haryana; February 13-16

Dr. Madhu Shekhar

  • Co-Author : Sub-optimal visual outcomes after Toric IOL implantation – A retrospective observational study
  • Chief Author & Presenting Author : Iridodialysis Repair – Simplified Approach – Video
  • Chief Author & Presenting Author : Visual outcomes of cataract surgery following refractive surgery using ASCRS average method

Dr. Gomathi Ramya

  • Femto is not a pandora’s box – Video

Dr. P.R. Aswin

  • Sub-optimal visual outcomes after Toric IOL implantation – A retrospective observational study

 Dr. Manavi D Sindal, Dr. Harshal Pradeep Gondhale

  • Outcomes of Retinal Detachment (RD) Post Trauma in Paediatric Population – Paper presentation

 Dr. Pranesh

  • Changes I want to see in Eye Care in India by 2030 – Writing competition

Dr. P. Sundaresan

  • Glaucoma: Hereditary patterns based on gene mutations and chromosome alterations.

 Dr. Naresh Babu

  • Surgical management of submacular haemorrhage
  • IOL fixation with and without fibrin glue in absence of posterior capsular support When and how? -No flap, no suture, no glue SFIOL and newer modification of this technique

 Dr. Sagnik

  • Longterm parsplana vitrectomy outcome in  retinal detachment in choroidal coloboma patients

 Dr. Piyush

  • Tips and tricks in vitreo-retinal surgeries
  • Utility of digitally- assisted  vitreo retinal surgery system for high volume centre.

Dr. S.R.Rathinam

  • U-Turn in Uveitis
  • Tips&tricks an exam going student
  • Bio film farmation in ocular infection

Dr. Vedhanayaki

  • Role of newer biological in the management of recurrent uveitis: a case series

 Dr. Anjana

  • Bed side clinicians-just optimal
  • Ocular manifestation in HIV patients in pre HAART and Haart era

5th IIMA International Conference on Advances in Healthcare Management Services

IIM Ahmedabad, February 14-16

Dr. Aravind, Chief Medical Officer, Aravind-Chennai delivered the  keynote address.

2nd Annual Global Eye Genetics Consortium

Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, New Delhi ; February 07

Dr. P. Sundaresan

  • Nuclear and mitochondrial genome cross talk in Diabetic retinopathy

45th Annual Meeting of Indian Society of Human Genetics (ISHG) Meetings

Gurugram, Haryana; February 13-16

Dr. P. Sundaresan

  • Genomics for clinical ophthalmology

Diabetes Club of Tiruchirapilli Conference

Trichy, February 16, 2020

Dr. T.P Vignesh

  • Artificial intelligence in Diabetic Retinopathy