Advances in Clinical Genomics: Hands-on- workshop on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

AMRF, January 23-25

As part of the DBT Centre of Excellence programme on “Translational Genomics of Paediatric Eye Diseases”, this three-day workshop was organized by Dr.P.Sundaresan, Dr.A.Vanniarajan and Dr.D.Bharanidharan at Aravind Medical Research Foundation (AMRF), Madurai.

Dr.K.Thangaraj, Centre from Cellular and Molecular Biology gave lectures on basics of NGS and its utility in clinics. Dr.G.Kumaresan, Madurai Kamaraj University elaborated on the genomic approaches in cancer. Dr.P.Sundaresan gave an overview about the usefulness of NGS in eye diseases. Application scientist Mr.Jatesh Sachdeva provided the technical details of NGS.

Eleven participants including faculty and research scholars from colleges and institutions attended the training programme. Dr.A.Vanniarajan and Dr.D.Bharanidharan provided the basics for training and the research scholars handled individual sessions. All the steps involved in NGS right  from sample preparation to report generation were meticulously delivered to the participants. A dedicated half a day session on Bioinformatics helped the participants to gain thorough knowledge on NGS data analysis. In addition, the participants gained knowledge to validate the NGS data by using the gold standard method, Sanger sequencing. Certificates were distributed to the participants on the last day of the workshop.