Aravind continuously supports its patients on their resilient journeys, offering hope and ensuring a happy life. In addressing Retinoblastoma (RB), Aravind has established a platform called the Survivors Meet for Retinoblastoma survivors since 2017. This annual one-day event allows RB patients to connect with fellow survivors, share their recovery experiences, and spread hope. The recent Survivors Meet, held on 1st June, gathered around 200 enthusiastic survivors and their families from Tamil Nadu, and Kerala who received treatment at Aravind-Madurai. During the programme, survivors stood victoriously on stage, sharing the joy of achieving successful careers as doctors, engineers, government officers, and more. Their stories serve as an encouragement for young survivors to focus on their studies and believe in themselves.

Aravind also engages with the public to raise awareness about eye problems. Observing awareness days, such as Myopia, Retinoblastoma Awareness Week, etc., helps the community adopt preventive measures and learn how to manage these conditions.

Additionally, Continuous Medical Education (CME) programmes were held at Aravind Eye Hospitals in Salem, Coimbatore, and Pondicherry, updating ophthalmologists on clinical advancements. This on-going education ensures enhanced eye care for all.

News about these and much more occurred between 15th May and 15th June are featured in this edition.