Aravind’s commitment to community outreach and patient care is exemplified by the establishment of new Vision Centres across different locations. The recent addition of the Samayanallur Vision Centre, bringing the total to 112, highlights the organisation’s expansion of service areas, enhancing accessibility for patients.

In addition to its focus on community service, Aravind places a strong emphasis on employee welfare. The Mylife My Pride programme stands as a proof to this commitment, offering employees opportunities for personal and professional development through various extracurricular activities. The recent achievement of earning Taekwondo yellow belts by employees who completed two months of training is a proud reflection of their dedication and the organisation’s support for their growth.

International Women’s Day holds significant importance for Aravind, as it actively contributes to empowering young girls from rural backgrounds through initiatives such as Mid-Level Ophthalmic Personnel (MLOP) training, creating employment opportunities. Thus, Aravind becomes a strong backbone for them in their personal and professional growth. Moreover, Aravind is indebted to these women battalion who later become the pillars of Aravind Eye hospital where 70% of the staff are MLOPs. Their dedicated service to eradicate needless blindness is immense. Hence, the observance of International Women’s Day was a great joy, marked with special events organised across all Aravind centres, including talks, debates, and competitions, actively participated by women employees.

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