Aravind’s journey of continuous growth is marked by the growing number of vision centres, the expansion of infrastructure, and the pursuit of innovative initiatives. A recent milestone in this journey was reached with the inauguration of vision centres in Vettavalam and Kalakkad, significant additions that bring the total count to an impressive 110. The recent opening of a new hostel facility at Aurolab also signifies ongoing development. These efforts are directed towards providing the highest quality service to all.

Aravind implements impactful initiatives, including educational programmes and awareness campaigns, in its pursuit of this goal. The recently inaugurated Cataract Education Zone and the Office-Based Digital Resource Training programme at Aravind-Tirunelveli aim to benefit patients and empower them with information on crucial eye issues.

Furthermore, Aravind has proactively engaged with the community by organising various events on important days, including Myopia Awareness Week and World Prematurity Day.  This highlights Aravind’s excellence in eye care and its role in community well-being.

News about these and much more are featured in this series.

Note: The events that happened between 15th November and 15th December are featured here.