Bhoomi Pooja of the New Eye Drops Facility & Inauguration of the New Hostel at Aurolab

Aurolab, 1st December

Dr. P. Namperumalsamy, Trustee, Aurolab & Chairman Emeritus, AECS, Dr. G. Natchiar, Trustee, Aurolab & Director Emeritus – Human Resources, AECS inaugurated two significant events held at Aurolab. The ceremonies included the Boomi Pooja for the New Eye Drops Facility and the inauguration of the newly constructed Production Staff Hostel.

“Suture 25” Campaign

Aurolab, 17th November

To celebrate the milestone of Aurolab’s suture division reaching 25 years, a campaign was launched to honour the hard work and achievements of the division. Organised by Premanand, Product Manager, Aurolab, the campaign started with a welcome address by SSG. Krishnan, National Sales Manager of Special Projects, Aurolab. R.D. Sriram, Managing Director, Aurolab, and Dr. P. Balakrishnan, Emeritus Managing Director, delivered inspiring speeches. The chief guest, Dr. Usha Kim, Chief, Orbit and Oculoplasty, AravindMadurai, delivered a special talk during the event. SSG. Krishnan unveiled the campaign uniform, badges, and technical guide to Musathik, Sales Team Member. Dr. Balakrishnan launched a video showcasing the Suture division’s milestone. Sivanand and Deepak, Area Sales Managers shared their thoughts at the occasion. As part of this campaign, Aurolab distributed the employee kit to the suture division, marketing and sales team members. At the end of the event, the suture-experiencing booth was inaugurated by Dr. Usha Kim at the Aurolab premises. This booth was set up to highlight the significance of Aurolab’s product in facilitating doctors for their immense work.

Conferences Attended

Aurolab, 17th November – 3rd December

Aurolab team actively participated in several conferences, involving in talks, demonstrations, and product showcases. Here are the highlights of their engagements:

5th Biennial World Conference of ISMSICS
Dr. Merle Fernandes, and Dr. Vivek M. Singh Conducted deferred live surgeries, sharing their experiences and demonstrating the benefits of implanting Aurovue Vivid CFV IOL and Aurovue EV Toric IOL, respectively. The conference was organised by the Hyderabad Eye Institute, Hyderabad on 17-19 November.

39th Annual Conference ‘OSOCON 2023′
Organised by the Odisha State Ophthalmological Society, in Odisha.

50th Annual Conference ‘KSOS 2023’
Organised by the Kerala Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons in Thrissur on 24th November.

32nd Annual Conference ‘VRSI 2023’
Aurolab unveiled the revolutionary Phoenix Multi-Spot Photocoagulation green laser system designed to transform retinal therapy at the conference, organised by the Vitreo Retinal Society – India, held in Kerala on 1-3 December. Dr. Naresh Babu Kannan, Chief, Retina Vitreous Services, Aravind-Madurai, delivered a talk on Perfluorocarbon liquid in the management of retinal detachment with proliferative vitreoretinopathy.

57th Annual Conference ‘UPSOS 2023’
Organised by the UP State Ophthalmological Society, in Prayagraj.

56th Annual Conference “OSA 2023”
Organised by the Ophthalmological Society of Assam on 2-3 December in Assam.