The Department of Neuro-Ophthalmology, Aravind-Coimbatore, has brought out the eighth edition of Coimbatore Aravind Neuro-Ophthalmology Newsletter (CANN) with a focus on cases with systemic associations, reinforcing the fact that Neuro-Ophthalmology is not a solitary pursuit, but a collaborative journey. 

New Vision Centres

Aravind–Pondicherry, 22nd November

Aravind’s 109th vision centre was inaugurated at Vettavalam, Thiruvannamalai District. The inaugural ceremony was led by MJF Ln. Dr. G. Narasimman, Former District Governor, alongside MJF Ln. Sayar. Dr. D. Aravindhakumar, Former District Governor, MJF Ln. P. Ilangovan, GAT, Coordinator, and Dr. R. Venkatesh. At this centre, patients are examined remotely by doctors from the base hospital via telecommunications.

Dr. G. Narasimman, Former District Governor, inaugurating the Vettavalam vision centre
Dr. R. Venkatesh, CMO, Aravind-Pondicherry, lighting the lamp
Auto refraction being done for a guest
Attendees at the inaugural event

Aravind-Tirunelveli, 8th December

Aravind’s 110th Vision Centre at Kalakkad was inaugurated by Dr. R. Ramakrishnan, Advisor, Aravind-Tirunelveli, and attended by Dr. Sivasubramanian, Dr. Aruna, Thiru Rajan, Kalakkad Municipal Deputy Chairman, Ayisha, Counselor, along with staff members, well-wishers, and patrons of Aravind. The event’s organising team included Dr. Haridass, Incharge – Vision Centres, Murugan, EMR Coordinator, Shanmuga Sundari, Assistant Nursing Superintendent, Alstin, Assistant Administrator, Stephen, VC Coordinator, Lakshmi, HR Manager, and Andal, Maintenance Coordinator. Notably, the inaugural day saw the screening of 57 patients.

Kalakkad vision centre
Dr. R. Ramakrishnan, inaugurating the Kalakkad vision centre
Screening a patient
Patients waiting for screening

Cataract Education Zone

Aravind-Tirunelveli, 7th December

Dr. R. Ramakrishnan inaugurated the Cataract Education Zone at Aravind-Tirunelveli, a significant initiative aimed at raising awareness among patients and their attendants about cataract surgery. The event witnessed the presence of Dr. R. Meenakshi, Chief Medical Officer, Aravind-Tirunelveli, along with Anburaj and Narayanan from ALCON, and other staff members.

Dr. R. Ramakrishnan, inaugurating the Cataract Education Zone at Aravind-Tirunelveli
Awareness video being screened for the guests
An MLOP explaining the cataract surgery procedures to the guests
Nurses watching the event

Office Based Digital Resource Training

Aravind-Tirunelveli, 6th December

The Office Based Digital Resource Training initiative for the visually impaired was started at the Vision Rehabilitation Clinic as a part of the vocational training programme with the support of the Vision Aid project. This initiative was inaugurated by Dr. R. Ramakrishnan in the presence of Dr. R. Meenakshi, Chief Medical Officer, and staff members. A demonstration of the software and other resources integral to the digital training programme was expertly presented by Selvi, Refractionist, Aravind-Tirunelveli who had previously undergone a course at Aravind-Madurai.

Dr. R. Ramakrishnan, inaugurating Office Based Digital Resource Training
Selvi, Refractionist, Aravind-Tirunelveli, demonstrating software
Vision-Aid Resource Centre
The attendees during the inaugural event

Kannae Nalamaa Exhibition

Aravind-Pondicherry, 29th November- 2nd December

Aravind-Pondicherry, organised a five-day exhibition, ‘Kannae, Nalamaa,’ with a focus on educating school and nursing college students, as well as patients and attenders. The exhibition featured interactive tools such as engaging 3D models, posters, and videos to impart crucial knowledge about eye care, diseases, and available treatment options. The MLOPs demonstrated eye care to the public at each stall. The exhibition reached over 1200 school children and more than 600 other attendees.

Dr. R. Venkatesh and the invited guests lighting the lamp
Dr. R. Venkatesh explaining the 3D models to the guests
Posters and models at the exhibition
The attendees learning about eye care
An MLOP explains the posters to school children
School children observing the models
Awareness video for the children
Participation of school children in the exhibition

Graduation Day

Aravind-Tirupati, 29th November

Aravind-Tirupati recently hosted a Graduation Day ceremony for MLOPs who have successfully completed their training and are now assuming full-time roles at Aravind-Tirupati. The celebratory event commenced with candle lighting and the administration of the Florence Nightingale pledge. Trainees took the opportunity to share their valuable experiences gained during their training period. Kesav Kumar, Manager, Administration and Finance, addressed the graduates, emphasising the importance of cultivating the habit of saving. The ceremony also featured congratulatory remarks from Dr. S. Ashok Vardhan, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Preethi, Chief, Intraocular Lens & Cataract Services, and Dr. Peddireddy Hema, Medical Consultant, Intraocular Lens & Cataract Services, Aravind-Tirupati.

MLOPs administering the Florence Nightingale pledge at graduation day
Candle lighting event
Dr. Peddireddy Hema presenting mementos to graduating MLOPs
Graduating MLOPs with doctors and trainers

CME on Diabetes and I to Retinopathy and Beyond

Aravind-Tirunelveli, 26th November

In connection with World Diabetes Day, Aravind –Tirunelveli organised a CME on the theme of diabetes and its broader implications. Distinguished external speakers, Dr. Selvaraj, Diabetologist, Dr. Sivaprakash, Endocrinologist, Dr. Thirulogachander, Cardiologist, Dr. V. Ramasubramanian, Nephrologist, Dr. Sivan Arul Selvam, Endocrinology & Diabetologist, Dr. Ananthi, Ophthalmologist, from Tirunelveli Medical College & Hospital; and internal speakers, Dr. Sherin Haroon M., Dr. Maneksha.V., Dr. Anitha V., Dr. Pooja Pawar, Dr. Ram Sudarshan R, and Dr. Syed Mohideen, handled insightful sessions on systemic manifestations and the latest advancements in diabetes management. There were discussions on the impact of diabetes on the cataract and cornea, alongside presentations on epidemiology, clinical features, and the management of diabetic retinopathy.

Additionally, a quiz competition was conducted. A total of 80 participants, comprising fellows and postgraduates from Aravind, as well as postgraduates from the departments of Ophthalmology and General Medicine, Tirunelveli, and Tuticorin Medical Colleges, took part in the event.

The chief guest lighting the lamp during the CME on Diabetes and I to Retinopathy and Beyond
Dr. R. Ramakrishnan presenting a memento to Dr. Sivaprakash, Endocrinologist
Delegates attending a session
Delegates at the CME

National Myopia Awareness Week

Aravind-Coimbatore, 20-26 November

MYOPIA has emerged as a growing concern for children, with an estimated 50% of the population expected to be affected by 2050. Mindful of this, the Myopia Clinic under the Paediatric Ophthalmology Department of Aravind-Coimbatore organised a myopia awareness week activity with the theme #GoGreenLessScreen. This week-long campaign was dedicated to enlightening the public about childhood myopia, its causes, and how outdoor sports and minimising screen time can effectively prevent and slow down the progression of myopia in children.

To draw attention to this issue, group counselling sessions were conducted, specifically targeting attendants of daycare cataract surgery patients. The awareness activity attracted nearly 200 participants, including supportive staff, administrative personnel, and visitors.


At Aravind-Tirupati, an exhibition was organised on the theme of “More green less screen” featuring educational posters about the risk factors of myopia, how to prevent it, and the importance of using glasses. Notably, these posters are made of cardboard and colour paint.

Group counselling sessions at Aravind-Coimbatore as part of National Myopia Awareness Week
Group counselling sessions at Aravind-Coimbatore as part of National Myopia Awareness Week
Awareness talk about Myopia at Aravind- Tirupati
Educational posters on myopia at Aravind-Tirupati

Workshop on the Care and Maintenance of Ophthalmic Instruments and Equipment

Aravind-Pondicherry, 25th November

Organised by the Biomedical Engineering Department of Aravind-Pondicherry, the 4th Workshop on Instruments Maintenance was inaugurated by Dr. R. Venkatesh, Chief Medical Officer, Aravind-Pondicherry. During the event, Dr. Venkatesh unveiled the second edition of the “Handbook on Instrument and Equipment Maintenance,” which was warmly received by Prof. N. Manickam, Instrument and Maintenance, Aravind-Madurai. The workshop featured comprehensive training, including PowerPoint presentations, instructional videos, and live demonstrations on maintaining, cleaning, and repairing various ophthalmic instruments. The session concluded with an interactive Kahoot quiz and an awards ceremony to recognise participants’ efforts. Over 110 skilled optometrists and biomedical engineers attended.

Prof. N. Manickam, Instrument and Maintenance, Aravind-Madurai receiving the second edition of the book “Handbook on Instrument and Equipment Maintenance” from Dr. R. Venkatesh
Demonstration on maintaining ophthalmic instruments
Dr. R. Venkatesh addressing the gathering
Optometrists and biomedical engineers at the workshop

Eye Donation Awareness Programme

Madurai, 21st November

Organised by the Rotary Aravind International Eye Bank, Aravind-Madurai, at Gandhi Museum, Madurai, D. Saravanan, Manager, Rotary Aravind International Eye Bank, handled a session on eye donation and the role of students in eye donation. The event was presided over by Nandha Rao, Secretary, and R. Natarajan, Education Officer, Gandhi Museum. A total of 60 participants took part.

D. Saravanan addressing the gathering at the Eye Donation Awareness Programme

World Prematurity Day

Aravind, 17th November

Aravind Eye Hospitals in Madurai, and Coimbatore observed World Prematurity Day by displaying awareness posters to emphasize the importance of early and prompt screening and treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP).

During the event held at Aravind-Tirunelveli, organised for parents of ROP babies, Dr. Syed Mohideen, Chief, Retina Services, Dr. Fathima, Medical Consultant, Paediatric Department, Aravind-Tirunelveli, delivered talks to raise awareness. Dr. Ramakrishnan, Advisor, Aravind-Tirunelveli, addressed the parents about the significance of ROP follow-up. A total of 73 families of ROP babies, especially those who had undergone laser/injections, participated in this programme.

Dr. Syed Mohideen addressing the parents of ROP babies
Dr. Meenatchi raising awareness about Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)
Attendees at the ROP awareness programme

Graduation Day

Aravind-Pondicherry, 17th November 2023

To commemorate the initiation of a new journey, Aravind-Pondicherry organised a graduation day for the MLOPs. The ceremony was led by Dr. R. Venkatesh, CMO, Aravind-Pondicherry, Dr. Veena K., Chief, Paediatric & Adult Strabismus, Regional HR Director, Pondicherry & Salem, and MLOP in-charge doctors, Dr. Josephine Christy, and Dr. Sivagami. This graduation day signified the transition of MLOP sisters from trainee positions to full-time employees. The graduates administered the Florence Nightingale pledge during the occasion.

Taking the “Florence Nightingale pledge” on Graduation Day
MLOP Graduation day ceremony
Dr. Veena K. giving away a memento to the graduating MLOP