World Diabetes Day

14-19 November

Aravind centres commemorated World Diabetes Day with a series of events to sensitise the public about the importance of controlling diabetes and undergoing regular eye examinations to prevent blindness due to diabetic retinopathy. The wide range of programmes included exclusive diabetic retinopathy screening camps, awareness rallies, seminars, teleconsultation, awareness talks, exhibitions, distribution of pamphlets, slogan writing, poster creation, quiz contests, drawing, and speech competitions for MLOPs and school students. Notably, at Aravind-Theni, Google AI fundus cameras were donated to two private diabetic clinics in Theni district, namely Sakthi Clinic in Batalagundu and Nalam Hospital in Theni. Dr. P. Namplerumalsamy, Chairman Emeritus, Aravind Eye Care System (AECS), officially inaugurated this initiative.

Aravind – Pondicherry

Children’s Day Celebration

Aravind, 14th November

Children’s Day was observed across all Aravind Centres with the aim of raising awareness and educating parents and caregivers about major childhood ocular illnesses. Informative posters on myopia, strabismus, childhood cataract, ROP, allergic conjunctivitis, and amblyopia were prominently displayed. Various events, including talks, exhibitions, quiz contests, and fun activities, as well as the distribution of gifts, were organised. These engaging activities attracted both kids and parents, enhancing their general awareness of common visual disabilities. They also served as a source of motivation for the staff, inspiring them to continue making a positive impact on children’s lives.

Aravind – Tirunelveli
Aravind – Tirunelveli
Aravind – Pondicherry
Aravind – Pondicherry

World Keratoconus Day

Aravind-Pondicherry, 9th November

On the occasion of World Keratoconus Day, a screening camp for children with Down’s syndrome was arranged at the cornea clinic, Aravind-Pondicherry. Fifty-one children from Sathya Special School underwent examinations by cornea specialists. Since this condition is found to be common in children with Down’s syndrome, the primary goal of this camp was to screen these children for keratoconus, aiming for early diagnosis and treatment. The comprehensive ocular examination included a dilated fundus examination.  Retina specialists were also involved in assessing high myopia. In addition to keratoconus, several children were diagnosed with posterior subcapsular cataract, blue dot cataract, and high myopia, for which appropriate management was initiated.

Research Methodology Workshop

Aravind-Pondicherry, 7th November

Aravind-Pondicherry conducted a basic “Research Methodology Workshop” for the newly joined residents. This workshop was organised by Dr. S. Kavitha, Head, Projects, Aravind-Pondicherry. Dr. R. Venkatesh, Chief Medical Officer, Aravind-Pondicherry, welcomed the gathering, and stressed the importance of knowing the basic nuances of research to build up a research career in the future. The workshop provided a comprehensive overview of research principles, guiding the participants from the formulation of a research idea to the development of a solid study protocol, utilising various research tools. There were four internal faculty from Aravind-Pondicherry, including Dr. S. Kavitha, Chief, Glaucoma Services, Dr. R. Jayagayathri, Chief, Orbit, Oculoplasty & Ocular Oncology Services, Dr. Josephine Christy S., Chief, Cornea & Refractive Surgery Services, and Dr. Annamalai O., Medical Consultant, Glaucoma Services. Dr. Subitha L., Additional Professor and Associate Dean of Research at JIPMER, Pondicherry, along with Dr. R. Kumaragurupari, Chief Librarian, Aravind-Madurai, and Iswarya, Senior Biostatistician, Aravind-Madurai, served as external faculty, imparting invaluable knowledge to the aspiring young researchers. The session featured hands-on experience on Zotero, a citation manager by Dr. Subitha and her team, and literature review techniques by Dr. R. Kumaragurupari. The participants’ comprehension was assessed through an engaging Kahoot quiz at the end of the session.There were 60 participants from both in-house and other medical colleges.

Diagnostic Skill Transfer Course

Aravind-Pondicherry, 5th November

Aravind-Pondicherry hosted the Diagnostic Skill Transfer Course, an annual postgraduate teaching meet, with a focus on imparting practical aspects of various ophthalmic investigations through live demonstrations and small group/one-on-one interaction activities. Participants were taught to interpret all essential ophthalmic investigations, aided by live demonstrations at multiple stations. Therefore, the course proved to be a dynamic and engaging learning experience, concluding with an energetic Kahoot quiz and prize distribution. Several postgraduates from various medical colleges attended the course.

CME on “Basics of Glaucoma”

Aravind-Theni, 5th  November

A CME on “Basics of Glaucoma” under the guidance of the Glaucoma India Education Program (GIEP) was organised by Aravind-Theni with the aim to help postgraduates understand the fundamentals of glaucoma. The chief guest, Dr. P. Namperumalsamy, delivered an inspiring talk. Dr. Dipankar Datta, Chief Medical Officer, Aravind-Theni, spoke on glaucoma management in daily practice. Dr. Sirish, Senior Ophthalmologist, Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Centre, Madurai, and Dr. S.R. Krishnadas, Senior Medical Consultant, Glaucoma Services, Aravind-Madurai, handled various sessions. Postgraduate students and fellows actively participated in the question-and-answer session. A total of 62 participants took part.

CME on “Paediatric Ocular Health: Fostering Mutual Understanding”

Aravind-Tirunelveli, 5th November

Organised by Aravind-Tirunelveli, the CME aimed at fostering mutual understanding between the two pillars of children’s eye health: Paediatrics and Ophthalmology. Experts in the fields, including paediatricians and a child psychiatrist from Krishna Hospital, Palayamkottai, and Ophthalmologists from Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli presented on the recent developments in child care. A total of 96 participated, including paediatricians, medical consultants, child psychiatrist, postgraduates and fellows from Aravind Centres and Tirunelveli Medical College.

Simulator-based Training in Manual Small-Incision Cataract Surgery

Aravind-Madurai, 4-5 November 2023

Cataract Services, Aravind-Madurai, organised the workshop, featuring classroom lectures, complex case-handling video sessions, and hands-on practice in the simulator. A total of 31 participants from various medical colleges benefited from this workshop. Sessions were moderated by faculty from the Cataract clinic, and HelpMeSee.

CME on Pharmacy

Aravind-Madurai, 1-2 November

Aravind-Madurai organised it’s first-ever CME on Pharmacy, covering a wide variety of topics such as the importance of uvea medications, neuro medications, glaucoma medications, and the classification of ophthalmic drugs. These sessions were handled by doctors, including, Dr. R. Vedhanayagi, Medical Consultant, Uvea Services, Dr. K.N. Jeyasri, Medical Consultant, Neuro Ophthalmology Services, Dr. S.R. Krishnadas, Senior Medical Consultant, Glaucoma Service, from Aravind-Madurai and Dr. Venkateshwaran from Aurolab. Dr. Usha Kim, Chief, Orbit and Oculoplasty Services, Aravind-Madurai, delivered a special address on general awareness. Additionally, Mr. Nan Narayan spoke on Effective communication with patients, and Sr. Jansirani, Supervisor, Annai Medicals, spoke on Reorder level and dispensing error. There was also a quiz contest on pharmacy medications. A total of 40 members attended this CME from all Aravind centres.

Jagriti Yatra 2023

Aravind-Madurai, 31st October

The Jagriti Yatra team came to visit Aravind-Madurai for the sixteenth time. The Yatra team comprises young entrepreneurs visiting nodal institutions across India to gain exposure, learn the best practices, and explore the relevance of replicating them in their industry. A total of 480 members, including the 70 delegates who had attended the G20 conference from 19 countries, joined the trip. Dr. Usha Kim welcomed the gathering, and Suresh, Senior Faculty, presented an overview of Aravind. Dr. Aravind S., CMO, Aravind-Chennai, delivered a talk on “Life with a purpose.” Additionally, there was a question and answer session with the participants. The programme also included visits to the hospital, Vision Centres, and Aurolab. Furthermore, a workshop on Replicating the Aravind model was conducted.

Sponsors’ Day

Aravind-Madurai, 28th October

Aravind-Madurai organised the Sponsors’ Day to recognise the camp sponsors’ selfless services. A total of 347 sponsors attended. Dr. R. Kim, Chief Medical Officer, Aravind-Madurai welcomed the sponsors. R. Meenakshi Sundaram, Senior Manager, Clinical Services and Camp, Aravind-Madurai, explained the purpose of the celebration, and Dr. R.D. Ravindran, Chairman, AECS, elucidated the organisation’s mission, growth, and service volume. Dr. G. Natchiar, Director Emeritus, AECS, emphasised the value of the sponsors’ contributions to community development. Smt. Chitra Ganapathy, a multifaceted architect and Tamil orator, delivered a special address on Tamil Mannum Kodaiyum, which greatly inspired and motivated the sponsors. Dr. Usha Kim hosted the entire programme and conducted a quiz contest to create awareness about eye problems. Over 100 sponsors who have been conducting eye camps for 10 years or more received certificates of appreciation. Some sponsors shared their experiences and feedback. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Lalitha Prajna, Chief Microbiologist, Aravind-Madurai. Notably, during the programme, the MLOPs and sponsors collectively performed an exhibit detailing eye care awareness.

OrthopTricks CME

Aravind-Tirupati, 29th October

A CME on orthoptics was conducted by Aravind-Tirupati. Dr. P. Vijayalakshmi, Senior Medical Consultant, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Aravind-Madurai, the chief guest of the programme, delivered an interesting talk on the History of Orthoptics. The resource persons of the programme, Arnab Banerjee, Senior Optometrist, Sankara Nethralaya, Kolkata, and faculty from the paediatric ophthalmology department across Aravind, handled various sessions covering the basics of binocular single vision to a glimpse of all the new technological advances. Other highlights of the programme included a quiz contest that exhibited various evaluation methods and exercises related to vergence and accommodation, a rangoli, a unique photo booth, and handmade name boards for faculty, which added significance to the event. A total of 17 Aravind publication books have been sold through the bookstall. The event was attended by a total of 70 participants, including 40 delegates, postgraduates, and MLOPs from across Aravind, as well as a few external participants.

Hospital Day

Aravind-Chennai, 28th October

On the 6th Hospital day of Aravind-Chennai, Dr. Aravind S., CMO, Aravind-Chennai, & Director Projects, AECS, welcomed the gathering. Dr. Seema, Medical Consultant, Cornea and Refractive Services, presented the annual report for the year 2022–2023. Dr. P. Namperumalsamy addressed the gathering with his kind and motivating words. A special address was given by Dr. G. Natchiar. The chief guest of the event, Dr. Sridhar, Consultant, Critical Care, Kauvery Hospital, Chennai addressed the gathering. During the occasion, service awards were given to staff for completing 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, and 20 years of service at Aravind. Dr. Jayashree, Chief, Orbit and Oculoplasty Services, delivered the vote of thanks. The programme featured a cultural evening by MLOPs on the theme of “Six Senses”.

Fresher’s Day

Aravind-Tirunelveli, 23rd October

At the Fresher’s Day organised to welcome the newly joined MLOPs, Dr. G. Natchiar, the chief guest of the event, Dr. R. Ramakrishnan, Dr. Meenakshi, CMO, Aravind-Tirunelveli, and Dr. Padmavathy, Regional HR Director, Aravind-Tirunelveli, delivered inspiring talks and congratulated everyone. There were cultural performances by the newly joined trainees.