Awards at the 70th Platinum Jubilee Conference of Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association

Trichy, 4-6 August


Dr. Tejaswi Prasad P V
Medical Consultant, Cornea and Refractive Services

Best Poster Award (2022)
Poster title: Clinical and pathological characteristics of OSSN in the South Indian population

Dr. Sahithya
Medical Consultant, Paediatric Services

Best Video Award
Video title: Smart vision glasses – An all-in-one rehab tool

Dr. Muthukrishnan
Medical Consultant, Retina and Vitreous Services

Second Prize
General Ophthalmology Quiz



Dr. Vigneshwar Rengappa
Medical Consultant

Third Prize
Eureka Innovation Odyssey category for his work titled The tall lamp

Dr. Parag Shah
Medical Consultant was awarded the
TNOA Dr. G. Venkataswamy Community Ophthalmology Oration Award

Dr.. Kavitha Yuvarajan
Medical Consultant

  • Best of Best Paper Award 2023
  • Best Free Paper Award in Orbit and Oculoplasty
    Paper title: Underdiagnosed ocular dirofilariasis- A synopsis


Dr. Sandra Ganesh
Medical Consultant

Best Paper Award
Paper title: Botulinum toxin as first line treatment for acute acquired comitant Esotropia- A prospective study

Dr. Prithvi Chandrakanth
Medical Consultant

Best Paper Award
Poster title: D.O.T.S: Documenting trauma with smartscope kit

Dr. Sharanya
IOL Fellow

Best Paper Award
Paper title: Peripapillary microvascular and structural OCTA features of NAAION, fellow eye and controls

Dr. Abisha
DNB Residents

TNOA Prof. E.T. Selvam Endowment Quiz Award

Dr. Anusha
DNB Residents

TNOA Prof. E.T. Selvam Endowment Quiz Award

Following are the awards for the year 2022 were presented during the inaugural function of the conference.

Dr. Siddharth Narendran
Medical Consultant, General Ophthalmology

  • TNOA Prof. C.P. Gupta Best of the Best Paper Award (2022)
  • Best Free Paper Award in Cornea (2022)

Dr. Hirika Gosalia
DNB Resident

TNOA Capt. Subramaniam Best Video Award (2022)

Dr. Jebinth Brayan
Medical Consultant

TNOA Dr. MN Endowment Award for the Best Free Paper (2022)

Dr. Meera Mohankumar 

Ophthalmic Photography in Uvea (2022)


Dr. Akshay Sanjay Wagh
DNB Resident

TNOA COA Best Poster Award
Poster title: Bringing innovation into focus: Solving ophthalmic challenges through Hackathons

Dr. Manavi D. Sindal
Chief, Retina and Vitreous Services

Best Free Paper in Retina
Poster title: Validating AI-based referable DR detection tool on portable fundus camera at primary eye centres

Dr. Vivekanandan R
Medical Consultant, IOL services

First Prize in Eureka Innovation Odyssey
Title:  In and out iridodialysis repair

Dr. Prabhu Krishna
DNB Resident

Second Prize in Eureka Innovation Odyssey
Title: Lumizoom – Achieving the cleanest block.

Dr. Poorani R
DNB Resident

Best Free Paper Award in Cornea
Paper title: Prevalence of keratoconus among patients with vernal keratoconjunctivitis.

Dr. Akshay K Umare
Senior Resident

Best Free Paper Award in Uvea
Paper title: 96 cases of Sympathetic ophthalmitis: Largest study in tertiary eye care centres in South India


Dr. Devendra Maheswari
Senior Medical Consultant

Best Paper Award in Glaucoma
Paper title: outcomes of a modified Ab interno sulcus placement of Aurolab aqueous drainage implant tube.

Dr. K.S. Aparna
Orbit Fellow

Won the Eye Q General Quiz competition

Cash prize at “Let India See IT” – Image & Video Competition by Vitreo Retinal Society – India

Dr. Meri Debbarma, Medical Consultant, Retina and Vitreous, Aravind-Madurai, secured the first prize, a cash award for her entry titled Prodigious yet innocuous – the giant vessel during the contest held in the month of July.