Lakshya Rotary Conference 2023

Kolkata, April 21-23 

Aurolab participated in the conference held in Kolkata, where several of its products including, Aurovue Vivid, Aurovue EV Toric IOL, and Hummingbird lite were showcased. The domestic marketing staff of Aurolab actively promoted these products to the attendees of the conference.

National Sales Meet 2023

Goa, April 11-15

Aurolab’s national sales team organised their annual national sales meeting at Goa.  The meeting provided a valuable opportunity for the participants to gain insights into marketing mechanisms, ethics, on-going efforts, overcoming obstacles, innovations, time management, etc. Members of the sales team were recognised with awards for their outstanding contributions. With future goals in mind, the meeting concluded with everyone feeling motivated to perform better. Approximately 163 members attended the event.