May 2023 happened to be an exciting month for Aravind as patient footfall reached its peak across the hospitals. Additionally, it became a month of awards and accolades. Aravind’s doctors, research scholars, and postgraduates have actively engaged in numerous conferences and programmes, showcasing their expertise by chairing sessions, leading discussions, presenting papers, posters, and videos. Their contributions have been greatly recognised through numerous prizes and awards. The news during this month is brimming with these remarkable achievements.

International Nurses Day is a worldwide celebration that recalls the life and service of Florence Nightingale, who is widely known as the “Lady with the Lamp.” She became an inspirational figure through her heroic efforts in saving soldiers’ lives during the time of war. As a British nurse and social reformer, Nightingale laid the groundwork for modern nursing. Aravind enthusiastically observed this day, acknowledging the dauntless service of its MLOP, who are the Nightingales of Aravind. The MLOP makes up more than 80% of the institution’s total employees, and they are the backbone of the organisation. They consistently demonstrate dedicated service towards patients’ needs. Aravind takes great pride in commemorating this day in a way of expressing gratitude to these true heroes.

Despite the significant influx of patients in all the hospitals of Aravind during this month, the doctors, MLOP, and other staff members have been tirelessly working at full capacity to effectively manage the patient flow. As a result, additional activities and events such as CME programmes or workshops are relatively limited compared to previous months. Nonetheless, the primary focus of the hospitals remains on fulfilling the utmost responsibility of providing exceptional patient care.