Reticon 2023

Chennai, March 19

Dr. Kim, Chief Medical Officer, Aravind-Madurai
– Subretinal membrane removal
– Challenging case scenario

Retisurge Live

Delhi, March 4 & 5

Dr. Naresh Babu, Chief, Retina and Vitreous, Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai screened a video titled, Tackling optic disc PIT maculopathy and epiretinal membranes

Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis

Bathinda, Punjab, March 9 – 10

Dr. D. Bharanidharan, Scientist, AMRF
–  Hunting disease-specific pathogenic variants from genome/exome sequencing with a focus on eye diseases.
He also conducted a practical session on exome/genome data analysis.

Invited talks

International symposium on Mitochondria, Cell death and Human diseases
Delhi, February 18- 19

Dr. P. Sundaresan, Senior Scientist, AMRF
  –  Mutation profile and functional studies of neurodegenerative mitochondriopathy – LHON.