Astra – Aurolab Sales Training

Aurolab / LAICO, February 13-25

A training workshop for new joiners of Aurolab is held annually under the name Astra. At the Astra held in February, the new joiners were briefed on Aurolab products, marketing, and sales. They were also given a tour of the Aurolab facilities. A total of 26 new joiners took part.

Aurolab Participation in Conferences and CMEs

Aurolab participated in the Annual Conference of Intraocular Implant Refractive Society of India, Gwalior (February 11-12), and Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (February 23-26). It highlighted several of its products at these conferences.

Aurolab participated in the CME on Practical Tips in Ophthalmic Practice organised by Ankur Super Specialty Eye Hospital, Gadhinglaj on February 4. It also took part in the Aravind Pondicherry Alumni Meet on February 17-18. Suture samples were given to doctors for practicing in the wet lab.