Annual Conference of Vitreo Retinal Society of India

Nagpur, December 2-4

Dr. Kim
– JM  Pahwa  Session  – Judge & Chairperson
– Endopthalmitis – Wise counsel

Dr. Naresh Babu
– VR surgical session 1 – Video Based complications session  :Wise Counsel
– Trauma -Wise counsel
– Staged surgical approach for GRT associated retinal detachment
– RD with PVR  – Handling complications

Dr. Renu P Rajan
– Unusual challenge in a child with retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)

Dr. T.P. Vignesh
– Eplerenone for bullous variant of CSCR
– Eplerenone for CSCR with PCRD

Dr. Girish Baliga
– Outcomes of two staged surgery with short term perfluoro-N- octane tamponade versus single surgery for paediatric RRD

Dr. Prithviraj
– Surgical outcomes of retinal detachment associated with familial exudative vitreoretinopathy

Dr. Arpit Sharma
– CRAO in ADA -2 deficiency, time to sharpen the Ockham’s Razor

Dr. Kulsum Sayyad
– Indications, microbiological study and follow-up of scleral buckle removal-12 years of experience

WHO-SEAR Meeting

New Delhi, December 12

Thulasiraj Ravilla, Director-Operations, Aravind Eye Care System attended the WHO-SEAR meeting on Universal health coverage.

12th National Conference on Cornea and Eye Banking

New Delhi, December 2-4

Dr. M. Srinivasan chaired the Global leadership submit (Virtual0
D.Saravanan moderated the session on efficient and effective eye banking. He presented a free paper on the topic, Restart, manage and sustain the existing projects of Aravind Eye Bank, Madurai and ensuring continuous cornea collection during Covid pandemic.