Annual Conference of Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association

Coimbatore, August 5-7

Dr. P. Sundaresan

  • Keynote address on Genetics in ophthalmology practice
  • Translational genomics of paediatric eye diseases

Dr. Usha Kim

  • Dermis fat graft – Fill me with fat
  • Chaired the session, Back to basics.

She was also the Judge for the free paper session in Orbit and oculoplasty

Rheumatology-Ophthalmology Interface Conference

Bhubaneswar, August 7

Dr. S.R. Rathinam
Catching eye in rheumatology

World Eye Bank Symposium 2022


Sustainability, maintenance and initiating new projects post COVID

Global Ophthalmology Summit

Utah, USA, August 11-13

Mr. Thulasiraj Ravilla participated in the Global Ophthalmology Summit that brought together leaders in global ophthalmology to learn from one another, build networks and explore collaborations to further enhance global eye care. He spoke on the following topics:

–       Aravind Eye Hospital: A Case Study for Global Ophthalmology

–       Education Programs at Aravind – For India and Globally

Dr. P. Vijayalakshmi offered a special tribute to Dr. Marilyn Miller (virtual).

Dr. R. Kim moderated the session on Global Eye Health: Technology, Innovators, Visionaries and gave a talk on

–       Disrupting healthcare delivery models – The Indian experience

–       Beyond the hype: how AI can help in the fight against blindness in low-resource environments (virtual)

Dr. Usha Kim moderated the session on Global challenges of orbital and soft tissue disease and also spoke on Mucor in India (virtual)

Dr. Virna Shah

–       Diagnosing and treating demyelinating optic neuropathies: the challenges of providing neuro-ophthalmic care in low resource countries (Virtual)