Astra – Aurolab Sales Training Workshop

Aurolab, March 21 – 31

Aurolab regularly organises a training workshop named ASTRA  for its new joiners. The training intends to orient the new recruits on Aurolab, its products, marketing and sales. 20 sales executives took part in the session organised in March.

Differently-abled Children Visit Aurolab

April 1  

Differently-abled children from the M.S.Chellamuthu Trust visited Aurofarm and had a fruitful interaction with Dr. G. Natchiar, Dircetor Emeritus, Aravind Eye Care System. Mrs.Rajkumari, Executive Director for Institute of Mental Health and Rehabilitation and Mr.Janardhan Babu Director of Programs, Chellamuthu Trust accompanied the children. From Aurolab Ms. Shalini and Ms. Firthouse  guided them on a tour of Aurofarm.

Visit to Gandhi Museum

April 27

Aurolab production staff who are undergoing  certificate course in Gandhian thought was taken on a trip to Gandhi Museum to know more about Gandhi and gain more knowledge about Gandhian values and ideals. About 80 took part in the trip.

Round Table Meeting

Domestic Marketing team conducted two round table meetings in association with the launch of Aurolab VIVID Continuous Focus Vision intraocular lens on 6th and 13th March at Bangalore. Eminent doctors shared their experiences of using the product.