With the threat of COVID-19 receding, Aravind Eye Hospitals are back to their full operational capacity. Some of the centres even go beyond their pre-Covid patient numbers. Governments have relaxed the Covid restrictions and life is back to normal in many states. Aravind Eye Hospitals have resumed their in-person training programmes and CMEs; Sri Venkateswara Aravind Eye Hospital, Tirupati organised Diagnostic skills transfer course, in association with Tirupati Ophthalmological Society and Andhra Pradesh Ophthalmic Society. The coming months will see a lot of such training programmes by various Aravind centres.

After almost two years, Aravind hosted Angaadi, the great charity fest paving the way for recycling and reusing goods. Angaadi this time introduced several new stalls which were well received by the shoppers. As always, the proceeds went to support charity – three organisations working for the upliftment and care of TB/HIV patients, special children and elderly people.

“The world is bright, save your sight” was the theme of World Glaucoma Week observance this year. Aravind Eye Hospitals across the centres organised elaborate programmes to create awareness on glaucoma.