Teachers' Meet

Aurolab, October 9

Aurolab has always been creating opportunities for girls who finished higher secondary, to undergo training and work with the organisation, thereby contributing to raising their standard of living. The majority of Aurolab’s workforce are these young girls.

Aurolab arranged a meeting of the school principals and teachers to acknowledge the support given by them in facilitating the recruitment of the girls. A total of 26 teachers from 23 schools attended the meeting. The meeting turned out to be an opportunity where the teachers got a chance to interact with their old students and see them progressing imbibing all the good values and culture. The teachers were taken on a tour of the Aurolab campus. They were really inspired to see the quality of training that Aurolab offers and as well as to know that the organisation even facilitates higher studies via distance education, for those who wish.

The meeting in addition to making teachers aware of Aurolab and its activities, boosted the spirit of the Production Staff.