27th Annual Meeting of the Indian Eye Research Group (ARVO- IC – IERG 2021)

Hyderabad, October 7-10

The 27th Meeting of ARVO-IC- Indian Eye Research Group (IERG) was organised virtually by LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad. The meeting included four workshops of which one on Ocular Proteomics as conducted by AMRF and moderated by Prof. K. Dharmalingam. Dr. Jeya Maheswari (AMRF), Prof. Karutha Pandian and Prof. Balamurugan (Alagappa University). Dr. Chitra (Ganga Research Center), Dr. Inderjeet Kaur (LVPEI) were the invited speakers for the workshop.

Research findings were shared through key note addresses, free paper sessions and poster sessions.  Twenty-seven participants from AMRF attended this meeting. AMRF scientists participated as Chair Persons/ Moderators while research scholars presented their work as free papers and posters. Details are as follows:

Moderator: Special session

Prof. K. Dharmalingam moderated a special session on “Best of AMRF 2019-21”, which is a consolidation of two year achievements and publications by Faculty members of AMRF.

Panelist/Chair: Dr. P. Sundaresan was the panelist for the workshop on the Ocular Gene Therapy. He also chaired the free paper session on Genetics.

Dr. C. Gowri Priya chaired the keynote session on Ocular Inflammation.

Dr. S. Senthil Kumari chaired the session on Glaucoma Research.

Dr. A. Vanniarajan chaired the session on Oncology and Cell Biology.

Dr. J. Jeya Maheshwari chaired the session on Tissue engineering and Drug delivery.

Free paper Presentations

  1. Dr. Haribalaganesh: Genome-wide transcriptome profiling of glucocorticoid responder and non-responder primary human trabecular meshwork cells using RNA-sequencing after dexamethasone treatment
  2. Ms.Swathi Chadalawada : Dysregulated expression of micro RNAs in vitreous humour from intra-ocular tuberculosis patients
  3. Ms.Iswarya Radhakrishnan: Transplanted Trabecular Meshwork (TM) stem cells home to TM – A study in cell loss Human organ culture anterior segment (HOCAS) model of glaucoma
  4. Ms.Pon Yazhine: Exoproteome of clinical isolates of Fusarium solani
  5. Ms.Sumaiya Sirajudeen: Differential response of corneal epithelial and stromal cells to the novel chemical cross-linker treatment
  6. Ms.Susan Immanuel: Isolation and characterization of exosome mimetics from human corneal epithelial cells

Poster Presentations:

  1. Dr. Siddharth Narendran: Mechanotransduction and retrotransposons in Age-related macular degeneration
  2. Ms.Sriee Viswarubhiny: Targeted panel-based gene screening for a large cohort of patients with LCA in Southern India
  3. Mr.Prakash Chermakani: Whole mitogenome/exome sequencing of LHON patients uncovers mutations in Mito-nuclear genes associated with OXPHOS complex I impairment
  4. Ms. Saranya P: Loss of adult stem cell in Cataractous human anterior lens epithelium
  5. Ms.T. Shanthini: Molecular regulators of retinoblastoma tumor progression
  6. Ms.Susmita Chowdhury: Clinical reassessments and Whole-exome sequencing uncover novel BEST1 mutation associated with Bestrophinopathy phenotype
  7. Ms.Waseema Arif: Adult stem cells for human retinal pigment epithelium are present in its peripheral region
  8. Ms.Sarawathi K: Clinical features and survival outcomes of ocular adnexal lymphoma in South Indian cohort