Celebrating Perumalda

December 11, 2020 aravind

One of Aravind’s greatest contributions to the field of arts was its efforts to recognize the glory and name of A. Perumal, the artist who played a crucial role in the political and art scenario of the country during independence. On December 11, Aravind conducted a virtual event to remember the great artist and his contributions. Eminent personalities in the field of arts like Prof R.V. Raju, Indran Rajendran, Trotsky Marudhu, K.M. Natarajan, M.G. Raffic Ahamed, A. Muthukrishnan, M.Sulaiman, Ramanan and Ravi Palette shared their thoughts about the artist and deliberated on his art works. The event was facilitated by Prof. Prabahar Vedamanickam of the American College, Madurai. An exhibition of Perumalda’s art works was arranged at LAICO on the same day and was inaugurated by Dr. G. Natchiar.